What is in My Detailing Tool Bag

What is in My Detailing Tool Bag

In a previous QuickTipTuesday post I talked about how the humble toolbag can be use for a variety of industries that you might not think about so in this post I will bring you into my world and show you what is in my detailing tool bag.

This is my “go to” setup for all my Bond and Builders clean contracts. It holds a variety of tools, some that I use regularly to get the property for future tenants.

what is in my tool bag


First and foremost are the vacuum attachments;

Nozzle bits of all different shape and sizes to help with the initial vacuum that is an essential step of any Bond or Builders Clean to get into all the nook and crannies that dirt and grime are attracted to.


Abrasive scourers are useful in many applications. They can be used on most surfaces and cut into dirt and grime that can’t be removed by less harsh cleaning cloths.


This tool is handy for the stubborn stains on hard surfaces. Using the pointy sharp edge is useful to get into smaller areas and can be used to gouge into and the flat edge helps get under silicone, putty or any other builders materials.


The razer blade, just like the scraper is useful to remove those stubborn dirt and grime, specifically on smooth and glass surfaces. It is especially useful to cleanup grout and cement on tiles and glass that is leftover from the building process.


These little brushes are incredibly handy for those smaller spaces like window and sliding door frames, countless nook and crannies and any space that is impossible to reach otherwise.


This one might be a bit left field but the trusty butter-knife has become a value tool in my arsenal.

It is strong and thin, so it fits into little gaps and the serrated blade comes in real handy when it comes to scraping away dirt and grime from hard to reach areas where other tools and scrapers won’t fit.


Every work site will always have trash and rubbish that needs cleaning up, these plastic bags are there to collect all the trash to help clean up on the site.


Paper towels are useful in many ways, whether it is to clean up spills, drying wet surfaces and to clean glass and mirrored surfaces.


Well that is what was my tool bag, what is in yours? What setup do  you use for your industry?

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Having Confidence in the Products we use

There are many products out on the market that compete with each other to basically do the same thing. All will provide some kind of solution to clean, degrease and provide surface protection of any job that you need done, and prices can vary extremely compared to the value they offer.

It is very simple for a company to just pick up the cheapest products on the market and increase their profit margins and the clients would be unaware as the breakdown of the costs in the service are not always clear, and on the surface may not seem to be an issue.

I use quality products as I can see the the value they provide us as a company, the money it saves our clients in the long run, and the overall quality and pride we take in our work.

We take the initial hit on the cost of a quality product, but the final results speak for themselves.


As a business owner, I am the face of the company and the results I provide, all the hard work in any of the projects I may undertake can at times dilute the importance and the assistance the tools and products I use to achieve my results.

Just like a magicians assistant, the role of a good products can be easily mistaken as the hard work and elbow-grease it takes to do the job, but it is also important to understand how the products I use compliment my work and assist me to get that perfect job completed efficiently and at a high standard.

A good product provides me value in terms of effort and time it saves me. Over the years i have collected an arsenal of products that i repeatedly use because they do they work they are designed for.

They make my work easier by eating into the dirt and grime, saving me time and energy which not only lets me pass on the savings on to my customers via the overall price for the service, but also gives me time in my job to focus on the attention to detail and go that extra mile to give the final result that ”loved” feel that set us apart from other companies.

A quality product can also provide a protective layer on your surfaces, helping repel dirt and grime away for longer and depending on the surface, such a vinyl flooring, it can help protect against damage and prolong the life of the hardcoat and sealers that you invest a lot of money to keep looking good and giving that important first impression to future customers.


Taking pride in your own work may have the draw back of wanting to give that little bit extra, that a customer may not noticed, but having the professional eye means that I can notice the difference between a sealed floor with a quality product compared to a cheap one.

Using a quality sealer for instance means that the floor could be at the best shine available as well as the added benefit of a higher resistance of being worn down with heavy foot traffic which will make the life of your sealed floor last longer and save you money.

We will not jeopardise our customers floors just to make an extra sale in a floor service, just like we will not jeopardise our quality of work to earn that extra bit of profit. We believe in making long-lasting relationships of trust with our customers that will give them piece of mind when they hand over keys to their property for us to service.

This may sound counter-intuitive for a business model, but we are here to offer our customers the best results and provide them value that keeps them happy and referring back to us for future work and passing on recommendations to friends and business associates as they hold us as a valued service provider.

The search will continue to combine the tricks of the trade and experience I have acquired over the years with the best products to always ensure the best quality job for my customers.


Do you have a favourite product or tool that helps you perform a quality job?

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Machine Maintenance

Machine Maintenance

Servicing your equipment, the what, where and how in keeping your equipment running efficiently and extending the life of your investments.

Your equipment can be a crucial part of your business so it is important to make sure it is maintained on a regular basis – and having the mindset that your equipment is a investments not a expense is the first step.

Your equipment is a means to your work process so its essential to make sure its running efficiently and long lasting.


Just like your car, your equipment is prone to mechanical wear and tear – and this decreases the life and increases the chances of parts failing if the equipment is left un-maintained for long periods of time.

Most equipment will come with a service manual that outlines how to perform the basic services and the frequency that the service needs to be performed. It is important that you follow these schedules.

The following are some of the benefits of servicing your equipment.


Servicing your equipment regularly will ensure that the machine will be operating at its most efficient level for longer.

Dirty air filters, oil filters or other mechanical parts will cause the motor to work harder, thus not only causing strain on its parts – decreasing the life of the parts – but also it looses efficiency in its task which can make your job harder and take longer.


Time is money, and when you need to work efficiently in your job then you need your equipment to work efficiently for you. Having your equipment work at their peak will decrease the chances of jobs taking longer then they should due bad performance of your equipment.


We all want to get value from our investments and this means it is beneficial for us to extend the life of the equipment.

Servicing your equipment will ensure they are running smoothly and with little wear and tear all resulting in reducing the chances of needing repairs and overall longevity of the equipment. This is because the less stress that is placed on the motor and moving parts, the less friction and wear it will receive over its lifetime.


Choosing whether to take your machines to a professional technician or doing it yourself will all depend on the type of equipment you have, the level of experience you have with mechanical equipment and your budget.


Choosing a professional technician is the easiest option as you don’t need to learn how to service your equipment and will save you time to work on your business rather then servicing your machines. The draw back of course is that its the more expensive option so you need to decided where the value to you is – your time or your money.

The benefit of a professional technician is that they will have more knowledge on your machine and what it requires and will be able to notice any parts that may be concerning or need replacing, and sometimes replacing a part before it breaks will save you the time and money lost in taking the machine back in a few weeks to get more repairs done.


Servicing your machines yourself can save you a lot of money as you can source out the parts yourself (usually for cheaper then the workshop) and don’t have to pay for the labor a professional technician will have to put into the service.

Most equipment will come with a service manual or a outline in the user manual of how to perform the basic services and the frequency that the service needs to be performed. Keep a copy of these manuals in your toolbox to help you keep track of your equipment and service schedules.

Servicing your own equipment will also help you learn some mechanical skills and teach you a bit of how your machine works. This will give you a bit of knowledge that may help you in the times of strife if ever your machine should break mid-job – you might have the technical know-how to do a temporary quick fix.


Servicing your equipment is a essential but often forgotten process in getting the most value out of your investments. Setting up scheduled services for all of your equipment will save you time and money and ensure your equipment will work and make you money for many years to come.


Do you have a schedule for servicing and maintaining your equipment? Do you have any tips on how to prolong the life of your equipment?

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Vacuum Cleaner Tips

A quick and simple tip for the next time start up the trusty vacuum cleaner to improve efficiency.

Service the vacuum after every job. That’s right, a clean vacuum will perform and have better suction then a dirty one. Dirty bags and filters just cause the vacuum to work harder, thus reducing the quality of work you get and the time you spend vacuuming.

Every vacuum is different but following is a basic checklist of after cleaning maintenance you should be performing.

Check and clean the;


[av_font_icon icon=’ue86b’ font=’entypo-fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” size=’30px’ position=’left’ color=”][/av_font_icon]

Dust Bag (or empty the dust container )

[av_font_icon icon=’ue86b’ font=’entypo-fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” size=’30px’ position=’left’ color=”][/av_font_icon]Filters (if present) – Usually located under the dust bag in some models.

[av_font_icon icon=’ue86b’ font=’entypo-fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” size=’30px’ position=’left’ color=”][/av_font_icon]Exhausts ports on the vacuum – Make sure they are free of debris to allow airflow.

[av_font_icon icon=’ue86b’ font=’entypo-fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” size=’30px’ position=’left’ color=”][/av_font_icon]Vacuum handles – Inspect the pipes for blockages.

[av_font_icon icon=’ue86b’ font=’entypo-fontello’ style=” caption=” link=” linktarget=” size=’30px’ position=’left’ color=”][/av_font_icon]Inspect the power-cord for cuts and damage – More for safety then efficiency.


This simple checklist will ensure you get the most efficiency and life out of your vacuum cleaner.




Do you have any Vacuum Cleaner Tips?? Did you find this one helpful?

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Machine Maintenance

Commercial Equipment For The Home

It’s no secret that our lives are more busier then ever before – with longer work hours, family commitments and social gatherings, very little time and energy is left to do the chores around the house.

After a long days work the last thing anyone wants to do is to clean the house, even though it is something that needs to be done on a regular basis.

We can easily get stuck in our old ways of everyday life, but there are a few little things you can do that will make a big difference in any project you tackle. Commercial equipment for home cleaning.


The fundamental rule in any kind of task you are doing is as follows;  it is the equipment that should be doing most of the work, not you – it’s the equipment that should be making life easier for you, not harder.

This may sound like a obvious statement, but most people don’t think about and assess the tasks they are doing, and sitting back for a moment to see where you can improve efficiency in your task could offer great value.vac1

The problem is that people don’t realise that what you find in the local supermarket isn’t necessarily the best option. The products you find there are designed for a set target audience and the value they provide is often based on price and marketing.

Even the big box stores offer products that rely on value, brand names and visual styling to appeal to their target demographic, all of which may be good products in their own rights, but doesn’t mean its something that can truly assist you in increasing efficiency in what you are doing.


When you think of the term “Commercial” in any application, people may automatically assume that it is expensive, daunting and difficult to use, where in fact you can pick up a lot of commercial equipment at reasonable prices and some even for less then the marketed luxury brands.

It’s time to change the mindset that only domestic grade equipment should be use by domestic home-owners and only leave the good stuff for the professionals.

So i give you 2 simple commercial upgrades to make your life easier.



I had always wondered why vacuum brands decided that dragging a standard pull behind vacuum by the cord of the vacuum handle is the optimal way to clean. Not only do you have to constantly stop to adjust the Vacuum so it’s not in your way but you also have to contend with the power cable dragging behind and getting in the way.

This has been the main method of use ever since the vacuum was invented, and while this is fine for small studio type apartments, it isn’t the most efficient way to clean the average size house or workspace.backpack vacuum

A simple backpack Vacuum upgrade will increase the efficiency of your job by placing the vacuum cleaner on your back, giving you the freedom to move around from room to room without having to worry about dragging a dead weight behind you, and stairs will be easier to climb as you don’t need to stop and pick up the pull vacuum and interrupt your cleaning flow.

The backpack like straps securely support the vacuum on your back giving you full range of motion and movement around you, the power cable is at arms reach giving you easy access to adjust the cord when it gets caught on a obstruction in the room, and the vacuum handles are generally better sized in length, helping you not need to slouch, which has a side benefit of preventing you from getting back problems in the future.

Most commercial vacuum cleaners these days also come with multiple level HEPA filtering systems, which reduces the amount of microscopic dusting being blown back up in the air, leaving your property smelling fresher and dust free.
Polyvac and Pullman are just a couple of leading commercial brands that offer a quality $300 vacuum solution, and most brands also offer these optional extras to make vacuuming that much easier.

  • 20 metre Power CordEnough length to cover a single floor or an average size property or workspace.
    Single-use dust bagsMakes disposing of vacuum dust and rubbish easy and friendly for people with allergies. (Reusable bag option available**)
  • Light-weight and Quiet options – Although a bit more expensive, these premium models offer lightweight units and handles and Low db motors.
  • Accessories – You can customise the add-on accessories to your needs. (links)
  • Long life and Repairable – These Vacuums are made for long hours of operation so they are built to last, and for those times when something goes wrong, most commercial retailers have their own technicians who can service and repair any problems you may have, which will extend the life of your vacuum as well as saving you money in long run.

You will be surprised how much more versatile a backpack vacuum can be in your life.


The market is flooded with domestic mops and buckets – you have the push down and twist, and foot or hand crank squeeze buckets, the all in one built in mop, the list goes on and on. Most of these are flimsy, plastic, annoying to wring out, uncomfortable to use, inexpensive so you don’t give a second thought when they break and they will never do a good job.

Most of these mops will leave your floor looking clean but in fact will still be unsanitary, and the fact they are hard to properly wring out means the mop head will remain dirty, wet, and a perfect place to harbor germs.

The simple upgrade and solution here is to purchase the mop and bucket separately. No need to go to a commercial retailer as most hardware stores like Bunnings and Masters will stock theses along with longer lasting cleaning solutions that will save you money and keep your floor clean and sanitary.

THE MOP (Handle & Head):

Mop & BucketA good solid handle is a must when it comes in choosing a mop, these can be purchased separately and i recommend Oates Aluminum handles. These are strong, nice to hold and light weight and will outlast the mop heads.

When it comes to commercial mop heads, you have a few to choose from – the main difference being the thread thickness. This all comes down to personal choice so its good to see which one suits your needs better, but its good to remember a thicker thread suits tiled or wood surfaces, and a thinner thread for smooth vinyl surfaces.

It is also a good idea to change your mop head at least once every few months to keep your floors hygienic.


When it comes to buckets, there is only one that i would recommend and thats a Roller wringer bucket. These comes with a easy carry handle, large foot pedals to help you get that extra good wring to remove debris and dirty water from your mop, and are made from light-weight but strong, durable and hygienic plastic that will last you for years to come.

And thats it, with these simple upgrades you will save time and energy in your every day cleaning jobs and give yourself free to enjoy things you would rather be doing.

It is good to take note that what i have written about in this post doesn’t just apply to cleaning. No matter what activity you need to accomplish, the simple task of taking step back and assessing the equipment you are using and seeing where it can be improved can make a big difference in the end result, and a few hours of research can offer years of value.


Have you given commercial equipment a try? Did you find it helpful?

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Machine Maintenance

Attention To Detail

The market is changing. In the world of business and entrepreneurship, people are starting to niche down, focusing on one aspect in the industry and becoming a expert in their field. If you are a business who isn’t following that trend, and provide multiple services then it is even more important that you focus on your attention to detail.

Attention to detail in your work will not only raise the quality of the service you offer, but give you that edge to stand out from your competitors – and if you are in an industry which the market is saturated in then it is for your benefit to take these points into consideration.


When you provide a product or service with a high level of attention to detail, not only does it portray you as a premium service, but it also shows the customer that you have pride in your business and in your work. It defines a level or care you put into your work that you wont find in someone who doesn’t like their job or portrays a lower work ethic.

grime under the tap

Hard to notice from the front, but it’s the little details that matter.

This perception of pride and quality not only reinforces to your customer that you are the right person for the job, but also installs a sense of trust that you will provide the best service possible.


Attention to detail in whatever task you perform also has the benefit to show your customer that you have an eye in noticing the little details. No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, having that eye for detail in your work will not only reinforce your professionalism and knowledge in your field, but will raise the quality and value of your work that you provide to your customers.

dirty under desk

The dirt under the desk draws the eye as you enter [ Click to enlarge ]

The eye for detail demonstrates that you are not only good at your job but also have the skills that places you as an expert, giving them the peace of mind that they will receive the best service – and a higher quality service – and that they have made the right choice in choosing you.

If you want your business to stand out, to attract and keep customers then having that attention to detail will give your customer that premium experience .

This premium experience you are giving your customers is not only giving a lasting impression leading to repeat business, but also places you in the positive with the value you are offering (see Why you should be charging more today ).


Have you ever walked into a room, or have been given a product and there was something about the look of it that you couldn’t put your finger on?

You can see that it is of a good quality but you just cant pin it down, it just makes you say “wow”.

The iPhone for example, with the specifically engineered curves of the edges, the seamless integration of the screen to the case of the phone, moulded so it fits perfectly in your hand.

detail in iphone

The attention to detail in the iPhone design

The hours of thought that went into the sound the iPhone makes when you unlock it, all the little aspects that you may not obviously notice but enhances your user experience.

The attention to detail you give to your service or product takes it to the next level, and although it may not always be noticeable or appreciated it will bring to your product or service a increased impression of quality in the mind of your customers – that will position you above your competitors.


In business you want to offer the best service and value that you possibly can, and sometimes this is more then just using the best – equipment, products, materials – but those little touches that you don’t see in budget businesses.

Take your business to the next level and offer the next level of service and experience for your customers – show the pride you have in what you do and let that reflect in the product you offer.


Have you noticed products or services that show their pride in the attention to detail they provide?  Do you go above and beyond to provide the best experience in your business?

I’d love to hear about it. Tweet me @zcleanaus or leave a message on our Facebook page with your stories.