It can be hard to get the attention of a prospect customer when the market is saturated with other businesses in your field trying to market the same thing.

Everyone is trying to outbid and undercut each other resulting in the customer being bombarded with  “buy this” , “no buy that” and it all can get a little be overwhelming.

It is like throwing fresh meat into a tank full of sharks – every shark will fight its way to the meat but in the end only one will be victorious and have its meal. ’

You need to set yourself apart from all the other sharks in that tank.

The trick is to form a relationship with the customer BEFORE they are ready to buy.

This idea might sound strange, but you need to remember that you not trying to attract customers that want to buy right now. Content marketing is about attracting customers who are looking to buy in the future – it may be a few weeks, 6 months or even a year down the track. You want them to choose you before they have chosen when they want to buy.

Not all visitors who come to your website will be looking to buy today. They might be just thinking about whether they need your service, or just doing research on the product before committing to buy – whatever the case is, this is the vital moment that you need to act and secure them as a future customer.



Think of the process as climbing a mountain.

The climber starts at the bottom and is ready to start that climb.  The climb is long and tedious, and they have multiple rest stops along the way to reevaluate their thoughts and to choose the next best path to take.

They finally make it to the summit, exhausted and thirsty – they look around for a water source but are instead surrounded by retailers all trying to sell the climber their water – all trying to speak over each other to sell the climber on why their water is the better choice.

In this situation, imagine the climber as a future prospect. They are on a journey to buy a product or service. When they commit to proceeding with their choice all they come against are offers from every direction and this usually results in them being overwhelmed and just choosing the first business who offers a deal that looks good to them.

Your goal is to be with them on that journey. You climb with them, and on the way you offer them water and snacks to make that climb easier. Doing this not only will make the journey easier for the prospect but it will instil in them a sense of trust in you and by the time they are ready to buy they will have already have chosen you.content_marketing_iceberg

You need to form that relationship BEFORE they become a customer.

You can ajudst the Hemingway Iceberg theory to describe this;

The basics behind this theory is that the tip of an iceberg is only 10% of what you see – below the surface is the majority of the iceberg, and thus thats were the majority of your work ie. customer relations, networking, value takes place. The tip of the iceberg ie. acquiring the customer and future work is the outcome of the hard work that you put in behind the scenes.




1. BLOG: Educate, Show, Teach.

Blogging is a good way to provide value and to demonstrate expertise in a particular field. Creating blog posts to educate, show and teach is a good for future customer acquisition as it not only educates them more on a certain topic, but it builds you up as a professional in their eyes.

Posts that “educate” will provide value to your audience by giving them the tools and knowledge which will help them make the right decisions and have the understanding of what they will be getting when they choose you or a third-party business.

Posts that “show” will convey to your audience the processes you take in completing your tasks. This will not only have the added benefit of teaching, but will also demonstrate your quality of work, not only in the finish product but in the steps leading up to it.

Posts that “teach” will bestow knowledge onto your audience, giving them skills when trying to take on the tasks themselves or place them on more of a even playing ground when interacting with a business they are choosing to go with.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Interact

Use social media platforms like twitter, Snapchat, Instagram to interact with potential customers.

Use the Search feature to find people asking questions relevant to your field of expertise and do what others are failing to do and reply to them. Take advantage of step one and write a blogs answering the questions being asked and link the blog In the tweet.

People will value the personal touch that this brings to them are will be more likely to return or recommend you to people in the future.

Use platforms like Snapchat or Instagram to show short educational videos or photos of work that you do and the process you take in completing certain tasks. You can also use these platforms to build a personal connection by showing more of your private life and how it equates to the work that you do.


Teaching is a good way to show authority in your field and to form trust in you as a business or personal brand. Teaching can be done in via blog or vlog (video blog) just like mentioned in step one, but what I am referring to in here is providing a course or workshop to teach.

A course is a good way to go more in depth in topics and provide value that you can’t just do in a blog post or social media post. A course can be in written or video format and should be easy to follow by your audience.

A workshop is a more personal way to providing value. These can be done in-person or online, usually live but you can make a replay accessible at a later date on your website. The advantage of workshops is that you can interact with your audience to give a personal touch that a course doesn’t allow.

The added benefit of courses and workshops is that they can be a income stream. Courses and workshops can take a lot of time to produce, so why not charge for your time and expertise?


The purpose of Content Marketing is to provide value and start building a relationship is your audience before they become your you become the best and only choice when they need your service.


What methods or social platforms do you use to interact and build bonds with your audience? Are there any that you think I should be paying attention to?

I’d love to hear about it. Tweet me @zcleanaus or leave a message on our Facebook page with your stories.