I was at a job site doing some gardening for a client who had just signed a lease for a new home when they asked me to inspect the interior of the house because he believed the bond clean that the Real estate Agent arranged wasn’t up to standard.

I was happy to oblige and made my way into the front entrance.

I was taken aback to find a poor quality job with cobwebs hanging in hard to reach places, fingerprints on walls and the roof and all the door and window tracks not cleaned at all. We advised the client that this is unacceptable and that the he should contact the Real estate Agent to come and re-inspect the property and arrange for the bond cleaners to return and fix the issues.

After the walk-through with the Agent, she told her client that everything is fine; “the house is 5 years old, you can’t expect it to be perfect”

This answer was astonishing to me; not only is it ridiculous that such a young house can classified as too old to be clean, but also it’s in poor taste using the age of any home as an excuse for a poor quality service.


It is hard to comprehend a professional cleaning company leaving a home it in that state with this “good enough” attitude , and more alarming that this Real estate Agent thinks that this is an acceptable excuse – it’s like giving their client a slap in the face, showing them that “perfection isn’t the value we want to provide you, good enough is all you are worth to us.”

There is a sense of pride that a good Business owner feels about the job or services they provide and the value they offer their customers increases the chance of return business and positive word of mouth.

The rule of thumb I like to take when providing a service is to offer a client a great quality job and over deliver on that promise by giving them a amazing job, providing extra value than they had expected.

This mindset is good habit to get in to as you should always strive to give your customers the best experience you can offer. Over-delivering will show your clients that you care about their business and take pride in the work you accomplish.


The agent believed she was in her right to leave that day without making an effort to make her client happy and to offer solutions to correct the issue that was raised. Indeed her company policy’s fine print may find this acceptable, but the simple fact is that it wouldn’t take much effort to call back the company that was paid to do a job and ask them to return and for-fill their side of the contract and make both the client and the Agent get what they were promised.

In the end, the agent got her initial sale, but it had left a sour taste in the clients mouth and well as my own. Not only will this make the client think twice about using their services again, but myself as a observer will also think long and hard when looking for an Agent in any future Home buying or Rental opportunities.