You have a beautifully restored floor, what now? You have invested a lot of time and money getting your floor to shine and be the focal point of your business, the last thing you want to do is diminish the value of your return by not taking steps to protecting and maintaining the longevity of the floors life.

It is time to condition your mindset into seeing that your floor isn’t just as a subset of your buildings facade, but as an asset that provides real value.
Therefore, as an asset you want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment and reduce future costs that may arise from neglect and carelessness.

The perceived value in maintaining your investment can often be seen as a diminishing return when compared to the costs associated with simply Requesting the floor to be redone once a year but when you step back and analyze the situation you soon realize that this isn’t the case.

When it comes to the financial offset there are a few things to take into consideration;

  • Floors surfaces can loose their shine dramatically especially in high traffic areas so it is generally recommended to reapply floor coatings yearly to maintain the quality of the shine and life of your floors.
  • Floor refurbishment generally takes a day  to complete depending on the floor type and what level of refurbishing is being performed. This in some cases can lead revenue loss for clients who rely on customers coming into their stores to conduct business.
  • Neglect in maintaining a floor will eventually over the years lead to damage that is non repairable requiring the floor needed to be completely replaced. This can be very expensive and time consuming which beckons the same problem as the previous point with revune loss as complete floor replacement can take several days.

When it comes to protecting your floor there are many options depending on the type of flooring you may have. Below I have outlined a few options that cover most type of flooring materials.


The most basic being everyday cleaning with adequate cleaning solutions. It is important to ensure that dirt, grime and spills are mopped off as these can slowly scratch or eat away at the protective layer on your floor.  We recommend doing this everyday to best results and life of your floors.

On more extreme situations and heavy foot traffic locations we recommend having a professional cleaning company to come in for the daily clean. This will ensure a quality job on your floors and a trust worthy company will go the extra mile to fix any small issues that be present or notify you of these issues for future consideration to prevent the issue compounding in the future, saving you  time, money and hassle.

The added benefit of having a profession clean done is the option to have the floors buffed, which not only works to smooth out the top coat and extend its life, but also brings a welcoming shine to your floors.


Although we recommend a daily clean for maximum care, we understand that this can be inconvenient and a expense that is not planned, but we wouldn’t recommend going any longer then a month between a professional clean.


One of the key benefits of consistently providing a daily, weekly or monthly floor service is that the option of a partial restore, which takes less time and money.

A partial restore involves cutting back the first few layers back to the base Coat then re-applying the finish.  This is possible due to the regular maintenance preventing or minimizing damage to the base coat, and ensuring a healthy base to accept the fresh top coat.

Proper care and maintenance on your floors is like investing back into your business, it’s a small price to pay for long lasting value and returns.


It can be quite daunting when you start to think “How do I get these floors to shine?“, So below I have made a list of the 4 main options you have when it comes to maintaining a presentable and inviting floor.

  • Everyday mopping and maintenance
  • Periodical scrubbing
  • Refurbishing via Strip and Seal treatment
  • The band-aid effect


A well maintained floor is essential to keep your floor looking clean and also prolonging the life of the floor surface. Improper care can lead to wear of the surface, permanent stains and damage to the floor.

To avoid scratching the floor it is recommended to first sweep or vacumn the floor to remove any dirt and abrasive debris that might be present, this will prepare the surface for the next stage in your maintenance : the mopping.

It is important that you invest in a quality mop and bucket and adequate cleaning solution. A quality cleaning solution will not only bring a shine to your floor but it will also leave a protective barrier on your floor that will protect it from everyday wear and tear.

Take your time when mopping. Don’t try to rush the job as this can result in missed spots and uneven wear and on your floor. Take care in making sure all the edges around walls, desks and small nooks and crannies are mopped properly – these parts are easily missed and can draw a persons eye to them when the rest of the floor is clean. Remember its all about presentation and the detail.

Note: If your work space is prone to heavy traffic, then it is a good idea to increase the frequency of the floor cleaning. If you have to, mop two or three times a day to ensure your floor remains protected.


Your floor is looking worst for wear but you have been keeping up with the regular maintenance, what now?

Regular maintenance isn’t the final solution, it is a preventative measure that will prolong the life of the floor and need for major services, but after a while even a thorough clean wont be able to bring back that shine you had from the beginning. If the floor has been well maintained then you have the option for a Periodical Scrub to bring back the floors back to its former glory.

Depending on the surface, there will be different methods when performing a Periodical Scrub.

  • Tile, Terrazzo, Marble – When working with hard un-sealed floor surfaces, a brush scrub with a penetrating cleaning solution will get into the pores of the material and remove any dirt and grime that will hard to get with just a mop due to the floors pourus properties. This will leave you with a clean slate to work with while you continue with the everyday maintenance of your floors.
  • Vinyl Flooring-
    A vinyl floor that has been maintained properly will return you the best value when it comes to Periodical scrubbing. When you seal a floor, you add a protective coat of finish on top of the sealer. This finish coat increases the toughness of a sealed floor and will keep it lasting for longer then just a bare unprotected floor. The benefit of maintaining a floor of this type is that a pad scrub will remove the top worn layers of finish until it gets to the clean pristine sealer layer. When this procedure is done you simply re-apply the top sealer coats and your floor is a shiny and protected like a newly sealed floor. The cost of this is significantly less then having to do a refurbishing service on it so its in your best interest to keep on top of a regular cleaning scheduled.

REFURBISHING (Strip and Seal – Vinyl )

When a floor is severely damaged from poor or no maintenance then the only option is to do a full refurbishing service on it. This involves removing all of the sealer and finish levels until its back to a bare clean surface, neutralizing the floor and re-applying the sealer and finish. This is a long, expensive and time consuming process but in the end it will leave your floor looking shiny, clean and protected for a long time if maintained well.

This process is required about once every year but is a essential part of keeping your floors looking amazing.


The last option is only temporary and should be only used if the above options are not currently viable for you. If the floor is damaged in areas and you cannot get it fixed for whatever reason, then your only option is to conceal the damage from your customers. Place a rug or map over the damage spots, or re-arrange the furniture in clever ways to make the damage less visible to clients walking through the door.