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Vinyl Floors

One of the first things anyone notices when walking into a building is the floor. Whether its Wood, Tile or Vinyl, its essential to keep your floors maintained and looking clean as its the only part of your home or office that gets the most wear and tear.

Our Strip and seal service offers a full restoration of vinyl or terrezo floors, with our 3 stage package which will give your old floors a new life and a shine that you never seen before.

Refurbished Floor. You can see the detail of the window in it's reflection.

Refurbished Floor. Notice the detail of the window in it’s reflection.

Stage 1
The first line of attack involves stripping back the old layer of sealer with our machine agitation process that eats away the layers of sealer that has been worn down and that have captured dirt and grim over the years.  We do several passes to make sure we get every layer off then focus on the edging and hard to reach places by hand.

This step is important to get right as a badly stripped floor will cause the new sealer to have trouble sticking and will result in premature wear and chips in the sealer layers.

Stage 2
This stage is about preparing the floor for the sealer. After making sure we’ve removed all trace of the old sealer and dirt, we go over all the surfaces with a neutraliser solution to make sure its free of any chemicals left over from the first stage. Then we give the floor a buff with our polisher, this not only removes any soap film left over from the neutralising process but also gives the floor a shine that is ready to be sealed in with our last stage.

Stage 3
The final stage is sealing and finishing.  We start off with placing a Base coat Sealer on the floor, this not only seals in that shine from the buffing in the previous step, but also levels out the small hills and valleys in the floor to help that helps provide a smooth layer for the finish and aid in the cleaning and maintenance of the floor after-care. Following the sealer, we place 3 – 4 coats of finish on top of the floor, each coat giving a deeper shine to the floor and additional layers of protection to keep the original floor from being damaged from the daily wear and tear.

Finally, as a bonus, we like to come back a week later to give a complimentary floor buff. This brings out that shine of the floor by smoothing out the top layer and giving the floor a amazing deep shine.


Cleaned floor. Left side was only buffed.

Regular maintenance of your newly sealed floor is recommended.
Consider your new floor as a investment, and the value you get out of it depends on the amount of effort you put into maintaining it. A regular maintenance service will not only keep your floor looking clean and shiny, but will pre-long the life of the sealer, saving you money and time getting the floor re-done.

Feel free to check out our article on Maintaining Floors or ask Us on site and we will walk you through the best practices to help keep your floor looking amazing and healthy.

As a added benefit, a well maintained floor means that we can do a partial scrub and seal in the future instead of the full strip and seal.  A maintained floor keeps the base coat intact and clean, which means we have to only scrub back the top few layers of the finish coat and only repeat stage 2 and 3 of our process, in turn saving you money.

We like to keep our customers happy and our work looking good, so to help you keep your floor clean and healthy when we are not there to maintain it, we offer supply of a cleaning solution that will work with your new floor, making sure it stays in good health and not get damaged by harsh chemicals that other products can do.


Carpet Clean

Carpets can bring a sense of warmth to a home or business, but it can also harbour bugs, bacteria or just basic dirt and grime. It is important to have your carpets regularly cleaned to ensure that you always have a clean space for your staff, friends or family, and keep the room smelling fresh.

If your carpets are starting to look worse for wear, or the room is beginning to smell musty or stale, then your carpets may be due for a professional clean.

A good carpet clean will always begin with a brushed vacuum of the carpet area. This will remove any dirt in the carpet and catch most other hard to remove items like pet hair. This process will also seperate the carpet fibres giving it a better clean when being shampooed.

The waste of a carpet clean

The waste from a carpet clean

Next the carpet is pre-soaked with a cleaning solution that starts to break apart the dirt particles and begins to dissolve any grease present in the carpet. While the pre-soak is doing its job, we take the time to attack any spots and stains that may be present with specialised solution and prepare the carpet for the shampooing process.

The machine will agitate the carpet as it cleans ensuring it loosens all the dirt and grime and gets deep into the carpet fibres, so you can feel confident that the whole carpet is fresh and clean instead of just masking the problem by cleaning just the surface as some home-grade machines do.

The agitation of the carpet fibres will not only ensure a clean carpet, but it will also lift the carpet straids and bring new life to the heavy traffic areas to which the carpet fibres can be flattened over the years as it is constantly walked on.

Once the carpet is finished and looks clean and smells fresh, we like to provide our customers with after-care tips to keep the carpets clean for longer.

Tile and Pavement

Sealed external BBQ area

Sealed external BBQ area

Driveways and Footpaths have the tendency to get dirty more then other areas as they are constantly open to the elements and are generally the last to be cleaned when it comes to the spring clean but can make a drastic difference when it comes to the overall image of the house.  You may not even know the original colour of your driveway if you bought your house secondhand, as Tenants and house owners are only required to have internal garage floors cleaned for sale.


High Pressure Brick Driveway

Pressure Cleaned Brick footpath

We offer high-pressure water cleaning of external footpaths, brick driveways and any concrete areas that may need cleaning.  This high pressure solution offers a eco-friendly option as harsh chemicals are not required to remove years of dirt and grime. We are careful when working around painted areas as poor treatment of these surfaces can cause paint to be stripped off.

When it comes to internal or external tiles we have two solutions that are available depending on the type of surface we are dealing with.

Left: Original Tile Middle: Cleaned Tile RIght: Sealed Tile

Left to Right: Original Tile |Cleaned Tile | Sealed Tile


Machine Scrubbing is often used for internal tiles as they are in better condition then tiles that have been out in the sun. The Brush pad on the scrubbing machine gets into all the hills and valleys in the more porous materials leaving them looking clean like the day they will put in.  At this point the customer has an option to seal the tiles which can protect the surface of the tile from the daily foot traffic and damage and has the added benefit of easier clean up and maintenance for the customer.



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