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Everybody’s home is their castle, and when you come home from a hard days work the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up the house when you could be spending time with the family and relaxing.

We at Z & Z understand everybody’s needs and schedules are different so we offer flexible work hours to allow our clients to come home to a freshly cleaned home no matter what their work schedule is like.

When you contact us we will arrange a time to see your property and sit down to assess your expectations in a cleaner, what your specific needs are and even offer you some suggestions if we notice anything you may have missed that may help keep the house looking and smelling fresh.


Living Room

The living room is where you spend most of the time so it’s essential to keep it clean and tidy for yourself and any guests that may be visiting. This will leave the room refreshing and enjoyable to sit in and relax.
All hard surfaces are wiped down with a damp cloth, making sure not to take extra precautions when working on sensitive wood surfaces. Glass tables and marble surfaces are also wiped down and buffed to a shine, followed by any mirrors and glass doors that may be present.

The walls are spot cleaned and any often missed protruding surfaces that collect dust and fingerprints like light-switches, power-points and ledges are wiped down.

The living and dining rooms are often filled with personal and valuable items, so we take utter most care while dusting and vacuuming to ensure nothing is damaged or moved in the process. A carpet treatment at this stage is applied while vacuuming to help fight against bacteria and deodorise the carpet fibres.
Attention to detail is important to us so we make sure to get into the hard to reach areas like under the couch, behind buffet tables and the architraves

Finally any hard floor surfaces are mopped and disinfected, leaving the room looking and smelling fresh.



The Bedroom is a very personal place, so we make sure not to touch anything or intrude into your privacy. Unless otherwise agreed on in our initial consult, Items on tables and on the floor will not be touched during our clean.

Any hard surfaces that are free of items are wiped down, again take precaution to sensitive wood surfaces and we detail the often missed areas like light-switches and power-points.

Mirrors are cleaned and buffed before applying a carpet treatment to prepare for vacuuming, which helps fight against bacteria and deodorise the carpet fibres. If applicable, any hard floors will be mopped and disinfected leaving the room looking and smelling fresh.



The Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house that should be hygienic and clean as it is where you spend at least 3 times a day preparing and consuming food.
At first it may seem easy; a quick wipe over the bench-top, clean sink and mop the floor, but there are areas that are often missed or neglected and could harbour dirt, grime, mould and even bugs.

That’s why Z & Z Cleaning pride themselves in going the extra mile and clean what you can’t see as well with what you can see.

The biggest culprit is the range-hood and surrounding areas. These spots are notorious for catching grease and grime that comes off your pots and pans and are often the areas missed when giving the kitchen a once over. So when we attack the kitchen we focus on these areas.

We perform a initial vacuum of the area, making sure to get into the tight areas like in between the oven and cupboards and all those little gaps that are often missed when cleaning.

As stated above, we then target the range-hood and stove-top areas. Grease and grim build up in all the nook and crannies stand no chance after we detail these areas. Once we are sure all the surfaces are clean we apply a complementary oil and polish to any stainless steel appliances and surfaces (if applicable) this will not only make the stainless steel shine, but form a protective layer to help repel dirt and prolong the life of the surface.

We then perform a general wipe and disinfect of all bench surfaces, cupboard doors and other hard surfaces that require cleaning.

We end with a final look over to make sure nothing has been missed then the area is finished with a mop to make sure the floor is disinfected, clean and leave the kitchen smelling fresh.



The bathroom is what you associate with hygiene and cleanliness and it is where we go to wash away the dirt from your hands and bodies so it comes at no surprise that it should also be one of the rooms that is equally as clean as you are after your shower.

Mold, grime and soap scum can build up around the edges, on grout and around tap fixtures and on other surfaces that we touch after you clean yourself so it worth while to make sure that your bathroom is a clean and sanitary place to be in.

If you have a lot of glass and mirrors in your bathroom it can also be overwhelming when you starting thinking about where to start cleaning and a good detailed clean can be the difference between a sparkly, clean and inviting place to be in or a room you that feels unclean and unpleasant.

We start with a initial vacuum of the area to pick up any loose dirt and hair to prevent it spreading when washing the surfaces and disinfect the floor.

We apply a pre-soak of all tiled and glass surfaces in the shower to dig into soap scum and grime that has built up, and while that is doing its job we focus on cleaning any tile walls and surfaces around the basin, bathtubs and window surrounds to remove grime, dirt, mould and mildew.

We then move our attention to the sink and bathtub to bring out the white shine of the porcelain and detail around tap and fixtures to get into the nook and crannies where soap scum and rust can settle in.

We finish off the shower giving it a good once over from the pre soak and leaving the shower, glass and tiles looking clean, shiny and gleaming.

A final detail of the bathroom making to sure to clean and give any vanity mirrors and chrome tap and fixtures a polish and leave the porcelain white and without water spots.

We finish up with a mop leaving the bathroom smelling fresh, clean and inviting.



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