A simple and Quick Tip for the next time you are having trouble cleaning the nozzle of a water boiler tap.

These Systems have a tendency to build up a crusty and sometimes hard to remove grime around the spout of the system.

If you are unsuccessful with steel wool or are afraid of damaging it with harsh abrasive materials then try this tip.

  1. nozzle1Get a plastic cup and cut off the bottom making it into a receptacle.
  2. Tape the receptacle to the spout so it covers the problem area.
  3. Use your favourite grime remover (CLR or equilivent) to fill up the receptacle.
  4. Let it sit in the solution for the length of time stated in the products instructions before removing the receptacle and disposing of the liquid.
  5. Finally grab some cleaning solution and give the spout a good clean to make sure the it is free of any chemicals. ( Filling up a cup of water and dunking the spout a few times will help clean the inside of the spout )

And you’re done. A clean spout ready to fill up Coffee and Tea cups until the next time you need to clean it!


This technique can also be used on other taps, shower heads or anything else that has a buildup of grime – for large items like shower heads, an empty ice cream container will be a better option.


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