Owning a business is a big step, there are many risks and challenges and everyday can be a lesson if you want it to be – all of these risks I knew about when I signed the offical paper work declaring Z & Z Cleaning as mine.

What I didn’t anticipate was going far and beyond my duties to make my customers happy, to take time out of my day to help when it was needed;

to work back until midnight when there was a break-in to clean up and to secure broken windows when a window company did a bad job securing the premises;

to be at a job site first thing in the morning to clean up flooded areas after the previous nights storms;

to grow that important trust with my clients to a point that the price is not asked when requesting a task to be completed – they know the value they are getting from me.

This post is more of a story to myself then anything.

A story of guy who now understands what it is to have a business that you are responsible for, that sometimes you can’t be selfish and think about yourself – the importance to grow and build yourself as a person before you can grow and build your business.

Once you figure this out then that attitude can reflect onto your clients.

I once wrote a blog about taking pride in your work and that statement couldn’t be any more true now then it was back then.

There are many things still that I can learn and teach, so the future will be an adventurous one as I go forward, there will be highs, and there will be lows, but I know that my standards will not diminish, i know the lessons I have learnt will not be forgotten, and when at times it feel it is getting too hard I can look back at what has been accomplished, and use that energy to take the next step forward.

Owning a business is more then just about making money, its about creating connections, making an impact on the world and the people around you, and thats what you should be striving for… the money and the grey hairs will follow in their own time.

The journey is only beginning and I hope you are on your journey as well.


What have you learnt while running your own business?

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