Mixer Taps look like they are more complicated to fix compared to conventional taps, although they are less repairable as they don’t have many parts that can be replaced usually resulting in full replacement of the whole tap  the benefit of the mixer tap design means there are less steps to replace the tap, and no need to worry about replacing tap washers and other parts.

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The tools you will needMIXERTAP_whatyouneed

  • Replacement Mixer Tap Set
  • Mixer Spanner Set
  • Adjustable Spanner
  • A Screwdriver ( Some kits will come with a disposable screwdriver )

1Shutoff the water to the tap

The first step you need to before doing anything to the tap is to locate the water shutoff valves.

MIXERTAP_1These are generally located under the sink and can be easily found by following the water-lines from the tap. If your system doesn’t have shutoff valves then you will have to turn off the water to the property from the street water metre.

Once they are turned off, test the tap and check that there it has been properly turned off.

2Disconnect the water hose.

The next step is to disconnect the water hose from the system. The hose will be connected to the value you turned off in the previous step, and it is just a nut that needs to be unscrewed.

MIXERTAP_2You will need a ratchet to loosen the nut before unscrewing it with your hand. Once the Hot and cold water lines are disconnected you can move on to the next step.

Note Remember to note down which tap value is hot water and which value is cold water.


3Remove the tap.

Locate the retention nut of the tap (found directly under the tap) and use the tap set to MIXERTAP_3unscrew and remove these nuts. The tap set usually comes with 3 different connections for the nut, use these to find the right size and then use the extender pole to help you reach the nut. (refer to picture right)

Once these are fully removed the tap should freely come out from the sink.


4Assemble the new mixer tap.

When you get a new tap you will usually have to assemble the waterlines to the tap fixture. The tap kit will come with 2 braided lines, one coloured blue (cold) and one coloured red ( hot).

MIXERTAP_4On the bottom of the tap fixture where you screw in these braided lines you will notice a C and H which donates which lines should be connected.

Also with your kit there should be one or two long screws that need to be attached to the bottom of the fixture, you will notice threads that they go into. Finger tighten these to begin with then use a screwdriver to tighten them up.


5 Install new mixer tap into the sink.

Thread the waterlines into the hole in the sink and place the tap over the hole.

The next part can be a bit tricky as it sometimes can be a bit tight for room under a sink.

MIXERTAP_5Find the metal and rubber “C” Washer and put them together and thread this washer (with rubber side up) onto the metal screws under the sink. Use the supplied nut to secure the C washer on the screw and to prevent it falling off.

Finger screw or use the mixer tool to screw the nut up the shaft until it gets near the top. Make sure the C washer is flat against the bottom of the tap before fully tightening the nut.

Once you’ve tightened up the nuts and you can move the mixer tap spout and it feels secure, then you can move on to the next step.

6Reattach the waterline and turn the water back on.

MIXERTAP_6The final step is to reconnect the waterlines.

Take the blue line and attach it to the cold water value, and the red line to the hot. Tighten up the nuts with the spanner to make sure they are secure.

Double check all connections before turning on the water values and test your new mixer tap!



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