Attention To Detail

Attention To Detail

The market is changing. In the world of business and entrepreneurship, people are starting to niche down, focusing on one aspect in the industry and becoming a expert in their field. If you are a business who isn’t following that trend, and provide multiple services then it is even more important that you focus on your attention to detail.

Attention to detail in your work will not only raise the quality of the service you offer, but give you that edge to stand out from your competitors – and if you are in an industry which the market is saturated in then it is for your benefit to take these points into consideration.


When you provide a product or service with a high level of attention to detail, not only does it portray you as a premium service, but it also shows the customer that you have pride in your business and in your work. It defines a level or care you put into your work that you wont find in someone who doesn’t like their job or portrays a lower work ethic.

grime under the tap

Hard to notice from the front, but it’s the little details that matter.

This perception of pride and quality not only reinforces to your customer that you are the right person for the job, but also installs a sense of trust that you will provide the best service possible.


Attention to detail in whatever task you perform also has the benefit to show your customer that you have an eye in noticing the little details. No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, having that eye for detail in your work will not only reinforce your professionalism and knowledge in your field, but will raise the quality and value of your work that you provide to your customers.

dirty under desk

The dirt under the desk draws the eye as you enter [ Click to enlarge ]

The eye for detail demonstrates that you are not only good at your job but also have the skills that places you as an expert, giving them the peace of mind that they will receive the best service – and a higher quality service – and that they have made the right choice in choosing you.

If you want your business to stand out, to attract and keep customers then having that attention to detail will give your customer that premium experience .

This premium experience you are giving your customers is not only giving a lasting impression leading to repeat business, but also places you in the positive with the value you are offering (see Why you should be charging more today ).


Have you ever walked into a room, or have been given a product and there was something about the look of it that you couldn’t put your finger on?

You can see that it is of a good quality but you just cant pin it down, it just makes you say “wow”.

The iPhone for example, with the specifically engineered curves of the edges, the seamless integration of the screen to the case of the phone, moulded so it fits perfectly in your hand.

detail in iphone

The attention to detail in the iPhone design

The hours of thought that went into the sound the iPhone makes when you unlock it, all the little aspects that you may not obviously notice but enhances your user experience.

The attention to detail you give to your service or product takes it to the next level, and although it may not always be noticeable or appreciated it will bring to your product or service a increased impression of quality in the mind of your customers – that will position you above your competitors.


In business you want to offer the best service and value that you possibly can, and sometimes this is more then just using the best – equipment, products, materials – but those little touches that you don’t see in budget businesses.

Take your business to the next level and offer the next level of service and experience for your customers – show the pride you have in what you do and let that reflect in the product you offer.


Have you noticed products or services that show their pride in the attention to detail they provide?  Do you go above and beyond to provide the best experience in your business?

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