Do you Have this Common Cleaning Problem?

Do you Have this Common Cleaning Problem?

I started writing as a way to offer value to people who may need help with cleaning in their lives, to pass on what Ive learnt and hopefully solve a few peoples problems.

Id like to extend this further.

WHAT IS YOUR CLEANING PROBLEM? – is there something you struggle with, something you can’t work out, something you want advice on?

I feel community is important, So I’d like you, the community to answer any of the questions asked, offer some of your advice and experience to the community.

Maybe you’ll be able to help someone or maybe someone will help you.

You can join the discussion here on this post, Over on the our facebook page, or over at my twitter @zcleanau.  Please use the Hashtag #cleaninghelp on all platforms so others in the community can easily find your comment.


What cleaning problems do you have in your home or office?

I’d love to hear about it. Tweet me @zcleanaus or leave a message on our Facebook page with your stories.

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