How to Clean your Computer’s Keyboard

How to Clean your Computer’s Keyboard

Computers have become a staple of our daily lives, we sit in front of them for hours on end, but they are also something we pay the least attention to when cleaning the office or home.

Whether its from eating in front of the computer, or just from every day use, our keyboards will eventually get dirt and dust stuck on and in-between the keys, overtime causing the keys to feel sluggish and making the keyboard un-sanitary. This is something most people don’t think about, and considering we put our hands on keyboards everyday, its always a good idea to clean your keyboard – at least on the surface – on a regular basis.

In this post I will guide you through cleaning Desktop and Laptop Keyboards.



What you will need

  1. Microfibre Cloth
  2. Cotton Tips ( Q-Tips )
  3. Isoroypyl Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Plastic knife or some kind of thin prying tool
  5. Soapy water
  6. Towel

1. Firstly,Unplug your keyboard from the computer.  Take a Photo of your keyboard – this is so you can easily re-assemble they keys in the right order once you are done cleaning.

2. Using your plastic knife or Prying tool, place the flat edge in between 2 keys with the edge under they key and gently pry they keys up one at a time. Be extra careful with the space bar as they sometimes have metal rods holding it in and you don’t want to bend them.

Note: Don’t force it, they should come off with relative ease.

3. Once all the keys are removed, fill up a bucket or a sink (making sure the drain is plugged up) with warm soapy water. Place the loose keys into the water and let them soak as we go on to the next step.

4. Take the main keyboard body, turn it upside down and shake out all the loose dirt. Dip the Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol and scrub the inside of the keyboard until its nice and clean.

5. Going back to the keys in soapy water, grab a cloth and wipe over each key one at a time – the dirt should come off easily now then place the keys on a towel to dry off.

6. Once everything has dried off, refer back to the photo you took of your keyboard and place all the keys in their appropriate places.

Note: Don’t force the keys on, they should clip in a with ease

You now should have a clean and responsive keyboard!



What you will need

  1. Microfibre Cloth
  2. Cotton Tips ( Q-Tips )
  3. Isoroypyl Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Compressed Air Can

1. Turn off your laptop ( remove the battery if its possible)

2. Grab the can of compressed air and send bursts of air in between the keys to blow out any dust and dirt.

Tip: try to avoid shaking the can while spraying as this will cause liquid to come out and risk damaging your laptop

3. Grab a microfibre cloth and lightly dampen the cloth with the rubbing alcohol. Gently run the cloth over each key of the keyboard until each key is clean.

You can also use this opportunity to clean the body and trackpad of the laptop.


Did you find this post helpful? Do you have rules when it comes to eating at the computer?

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4 Tips For A Clutter Free Office Space

4 Tips For A Clutter Free Office Space

Keeping an office clutter free can be a hard task to accomplish, even a well organised business can struggle keeping their surroundings looking presentable as the paperwork and items build up leaving you with a messy desk lacking free space when you actually need it.

The following tips are just the first steps you can take to help remove some of the causes of mess and will help keep your office space clutter free like a well oiled machine.

1 . The Purge

The first step in your journey to a clutter free enviroment is simple – Throw out what you don’t need.

Grab yourself a garbage bag and start throwing out all the junk that you don’t need. The best way of doing this is to make 2 piles; The KEEP pile and the TRASH pile.

Go through all your possessions and start the purge …

Do you really need Every piece of stationary under the sun? Are the items on your desk something you use often or is it a “Maybe one day I’ll need it” Item? If so, then in the TRASH pile it goes – This is no time to be a hoarder, our goal is to minimise the amount of useless stuff you have around you.

The final part of this step is to throw out the trash. This may be hard for you to do , but trust me, once you do and you are rid of that clutter, you will feel relaxed and glad you did.

2. Storage Solutions

One of the culprits for a messy desk is bad storage. If you don’t have a proper place to put your items, then they generally just end up in a pile on your desk or in the corner until you are overwhelmed with the mess.

The right storage could be the difference between a presentable office and one looking worse for wear.

Choosing the right type of cupboards, cabinets and file drawers for your situation will drastically improve the way you organise your office, and if you followed Step 1 then you will already have a good idea of what items you had and what storage you will need to put them away in their own special place.


Handy Tip: –

Organize the drawers on your desk from everyday to sometimes use.

The Top draw should only be filled with items that you use and need everyday. This will make them easy to reach and you won’t have to go hunting around in other draws.

Each draw below it should decrease in usefulness, so the 2nd draw is a Sometimes use, the 3rd a rarely use and so on.

Once you have this system in place then you will quickly and efficiently find what you need, when you need it.


3. Get rid of the Inbox and Outbox

“Get rid of my Inbox & Outbox?” you say.

Yes, the trusty Inbox & Outbox has long been a permanent feature of office desks around the world but this isn’t always the right solution or the best motivator of a clutter free desk.

Firstly the presence of 2 A4 sized trays takes up a fair bit of space on a desk, cutting this down to 1 or even none will give you back valuable space, especially on smaller desks.

Secondly, the side effect of having a Inbox or Outbox is that we tend to use them more as a “Do it later” device and thats where is starts to build up.

The better option would be to have ONE “Today” box. The difference between a in/outbox and a today box is that you put yourself in a mindset that you don’t leave the that day until everything in the Today Box is completed. This will force you to take care of your responsibilities straight away (even more so if you had no box all together) or have the thought in the back of your mind all day that you have a every growing itinery waiting for you a the end of the day before you leave the office.

3. Minimalist Desks

Big desks = Big Mess

Small Desk = Smaller Mess

If the above is true, then it’s not far from the fact that switching to a minimalist desk will help you minimise the clutter you keep.

If you keep your desk to a size that suits your bare minimum needs, there you won’t have space to accrue any clutter. Your desk should be simple; enough space to hold your monitor, a keyboard and mouse and a mug for your morning coffee – thats it.

If you need space for documents to reference off, then invest in floating paper holders that attach to your desk, these will take your documents off your desk and place them infant of you in a easy to read position.

4. Staff Participation

If the issue of clutter is office wide, then a dedicated time to tidy up might be a good solution for you.

Option 1: Giving your staff 15 minutes at the end of each day for a quick tidy up is one option to consider. This will not only make the office a bit cleaner for the next morning, but it will give your staff some time to wind-down after a days of hard work before heading home.

Option 2: Instead of just making your staff clean their areas after a long days work, you organise one day a month (or day of your choosing) and have a staff bonding day. Shut down the office for the day or finish up at midday and invite your staff to come in and spend time together as a team. You can use this day as an opportunity to get your staff to clean the office, but also add in fun team-bonding actives and a BBQ for lunch.

Not only will this get the office looking good, but it will give your staff a day to relax and have fun which will increase productivity when your staff return the next work-day refreshed and ready to work.

These steps are just some of the ways you can start implementing into your office routine today to help reduce that clutter, throw away junk, and have a clean and more importantly distraction free environment to help you focus on you work.


Do you have any tips that will help with minimizing clutter?

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Cleaning Is Harmful To Your Health. (April Fools)

Millions of people around the world are in shock as in the latest study from the prestigious World Research Academy of Sciences and Diseases Incorperated (WRASDinc) has been released to the public.

The Study, which started almost 100 years ago to this day focused on germs and the affects of cleaning upon our society, and the results are conclusive… cleaning is harmful for your health.

You heard that right.. cleaning is harmful for your health.

The study shows that more and more people are using cleaning products to sanitise their surroundings in a hope to not spread germs and disease, but as it turns out, this is even more harmful then jumping into a pool filled with ebola.

The study, in which many scientist lives were lost by accidental cleaning of their equipment, clearly shows that germs and disease is the basic building blocks of our society, and work with our DNA and RNA to keep us healthy and promote positive cell growth.

Speculations that the government was involved in hiding this fact from the public is yet to be proven. We have reporters digging through the presidents trash right now for evidence.

Although this news is good for some lazy people, there has been a backlash from others with a State vs The People lawsuit filed today in the High Royal Court House of New Hampshire. This was a inevitable outcome, but the question is, if the people win, will all governments around the world afford to pay out 200 years of compensation money?

As for us, we are saddened by the news.

We, as many other cleaning businesses in the world are now forced to close down our services. We like other businesses are now looking into other forms of revenue, to keep food on our tables, our never cleaned healthy tables.

Not all is bad news. We have recently started to sell germ filled-septic wipes. Do you have knifes and forks that were accidentally cleaned? Did your baby get caught out in the rain and is now unhealthily clean? Our new Septic Wipes are a easy and fast way to get those germs back where they belong… In your body keeping you safe!


How has this news effected your life and work? Are you going to sign the petition to get compensated for years of lies? Do you have any ideas on what services we should provide next?

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