How to Drill Into Tiles

Drilling into tile can be a daunting task. The fear that many have is accidentally cracking the tile they are drilling and causing damage that looks bad, or having to call out a professional tiler to come replace the tile, which can be a expensive.

The following guide will set aside those fears and walk you through the process of drilling into tiled surfaces, cleanly and hassle free.


  1. A masonry Drill bit (The size you need the hole to be)
  2. Brick wall plugs (Also the size of the hole)
  3. Builders tape / Masking tape.
  4. A hammer.
  5. A permanent marker.

Rubber grommet

Step 1:

Firstly measure out where you would like the holes to be and make a dot with your permanent marker.

Step 2:

Place strips of your masking tape In a “cross” pattern over those dots – the tape  will help prevent the drill bit sliding and slipping around when you start.

If your tape is slightly see-through, you should just be able to see the marks you made, if this is the case then you’re ready for the next step. If you can’t see the dots then measure up the holes again this time placing a dot over the crossed masking tape.

Nb it is always good to double or even tripple check your placement before drilling any holes

Step 3:

Grab your drill bit and placed it on the mark and softly tap the end with your hammer while rotating the drill bit slowly clockwise.

You don’t want too much pressure to avoid cracking the tile so start soft and increase the pressure. You will know when you hit the right spot when you see tile dust falling down.

Once you have a nice little hole in the tile enough so the drill bit doesn’t slip out easily then you are done with the hammering. You can now remove the tape.

Step 4:

Place the drill bit into your drill and on a low torque setting and medium to low speed start drilling the hole you just made while applying a firm amount of pressure against the drill.

Nb – by placing a rubber grommet down the shaft of the drill bit up against the chuck of the drill you will prevent damage of your tiles if you accidentally drill through and hit the tile with your drill.

Step 5:

Once you have drilled through all your holes you can now use the matching wallplugs.

Just slide the plugs into the holes you made, cut them flush to the tile if they are too long and you are done.

It couldn’t be easier.