Having Confidence in the Products we use

There are many products out on the market that compete with each other to basically do the same thing. All will provide some kind of solution to clean, degrease and provide surface protection of any job that you need done, and prices can vary extremely compared to the value they offer.

It is very simple for a company to just pick up the cheapest products on the market and increase their profit margins and the clients would be unaware as the breakdown of the costs in the service are not always clear, and on the surface may not seem to be an issue.

I use quality products as I can see the the value they provide us as a company, the money it saves our clients in the long run, and the overall quality and pride we take in our work.

We take the initial hit on the cost of a quality product, but the final results speak for themselves.


As a business owner, I am the face of the company and the results I provide, all the hard work in any of the projects I may undertake can at times dilute the importance and the assistance the tools and products I use to achieve my results.

Just like a magicians assistant, the role of a good products can be easily mistaken as the hard work and elbow-grease it takes to do the job, but it is also important to understand how the products I use compliment my work and assist me to get that perfect job completed efficiently and at a high standard.

A good product provides me value in terms of effort and time it saves me. Over the years i have collected an arsenal of products that i repeatedly use because they do they work they are designed for.

They make my work easier by eating into the dirt and grime, saving me time and energy which not only lets me pass on the savings on to my customers via the overall price for the service, but also gives me time in my job to focus on the attention to detail and go that extra mile to give the final result that ”loved” feel that set us apart from other companies.

A quality product can also provide a protective layer on your surfaces, helping repel dirt and grime away for longer and depending on the surface, such a vinyl flooring, it can help protect against damage and prolong the life of the hardcoat and sealers that you invest a lot of money to keep looking good and giving that important first impression to future customers.


Taking pride in your own work may have the draw back of wanting to give that little bit extra, that a customer may not noticed, but having the professional eye means that I can notice the difference between a sealed floor with a quality product compared to a cheap one.

Using a quality sealer for instance means that the floor could be at the best shine available as well as the added benefit of a higher resistance of being worn down with heavy foot traffic which will make the life of your sealed floor last longer and save you money.

We will not jeopardise our customers floors just to make an extra sale in a floor service, just like we will not jeopardise our quality of work to earn that extra bit of profit. We believe in making long-lasting relationships of trust with our customers that will give them piece of mind when they hand over keys to their property for us to service.

This may sound counter-intuitive for a business model, but we are here to offer our customers the best results and provide them value that keeps them happy and referring back to us for future work and passing on recommendations to friends and business associates as they hold us as a valued service provider.

The search will continue to combine the tricks of the trade and experience I have acquired over the years with the best products to always ensure the best quality job for my customers.


Do you have a favourite product or tool that helps you perform a quality job?

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