Machine Maintenance

Machine Maintenance

Servicing your equipment, the what, where and how in keeping your equipment running efficiently and extending the life of your investments.

Your equipment can be a crucial part of your business so it is important to make sure it is maintained on a regular basis – and having the mindset that your equipment is a investments not a expense is the first step.

Your equipment is a means to your work process so its essential to make sure its running efficiently and long lasting.


Just like your car, your equipment is prone to mechanical wear and tear – and this decreases the life and increases the chances of parts failing if the equipment is left un-maintained for long periods of time.

Most equipment will come with a service manual that outlines how to perform the basic services and the frequency that the service needs to be performed. It is important that you follow these schedules.

The following are some of the benefits of servicing your equipment.


Servicing your equipment regularly will ensure that the machine will be operating at its most efficient level for longer.

Dirty air filters, oil filters or other mechanical parts will cause the motor to work harder, thus not only causing strain on its parts – decreasing the life of the parts – but also it looses efficiency in its task which can make your job harder and take longer.


Time is money, and when you need to work efficiently in your job then you need your equipment to work efficiently for you. Having your equipment work at their peak will decrease the chances of jobs taking longer then they should due bad performance of your equipment.


We all want to get value from our investments and this means it is beneficial for us to extend the life of the equipment.

Servicing your equipment will ensure they are running smoothly and with little wear and tear all resulting in reducing the chances of needing repairs and overall longevity of the equipment. This is because the less stress that is placed on the motor and moving parts, the less friction and wear it will receive over its lifetime.


Choosing whether to take your machines to a professional technician or doing it yourself will all depend on the type of equipment you have, the level of experience you have with mechanical equipment and your budget.


Choosing a professional technician is the easiest option as you don’t need to learn how to service your equipment and will save you time to work on your business rather then servicing your machines. The draw back of course is that its the more expensive option so you need to decided where the value to you is – your time or your money.

The benefit of a professional technician is that they will have more knowledge on your machine and what it requires and will be able to notice any parts that may be concerning or need replacing, and sometimes replacing a part before it breaks will save you the time and money lost in taking the machine back in a few weeks to get more repairs done.


Servicing your machines yourself can save you a lot of money as you can source out the parts yourself (usually for cheaper then the workshop) and don’t have to pay for the labor a professional technician will have to put into the service.

Most equipment will come with a service manual or a outline in the user manual of how to perform the basic services and the frequency that the service needs to be performed. Keep a copy of these manuals in your toolbox to help you keep track of your equipment and service schedules.

Servicing your own equipment will also help you learn some mechanical skills and teach you a bit of how your machine works. This will give you a bit of knowledge that may help you in the times of strife if ever your machine should break mid-job – you might have the technical know-how to do a temporary quick fix.


Servicing your equipment is a essential but often forgotten process in getting the most value out of your investments. Setting up scheduled services for all of your equipment will save you time and money and ensure your equipment will work and make you money for many years to come.


Do you have a schedule for servicing and maintaining your equipment? Do you have any tips on how to prolong the life of your equipment?

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