4 simple strategies to keep a tidy office

4 simple strategies to keep a tidy office

With the daily grind and long hours in the office it can be easy to neglect the importance of a tidy and clean workplace. Having a clean and tidy workplace has many benefits and should not be overlooked in your daily routine.

Some of the benefits include;

  • A better first impression of a well presented office for walk-in clients increasing your business’s bottom line.
  • A well presented office space will improve the atmosphere and make it a more pleasant and productive environment for your staff.
  • A clean and sanitary environment will reduce office flu, decreasing sick-days taken by staff which will save you money and the stress of being understaffed.
  • It will reduce the need of a daily cleaner, saving the business money.

Below is a list of 4 easy and fun ways to implement a better cleaning strategy into your business.


Your staff work hard for you everyday to help your business run at its full potential, this doesn’t mean they are not responsible for their own mess. Teaching your staff to get into the habit of keeping their area clean will not only help when it comes to the Spring clean, but presentable looking desks will keep the atmosphere of the room bring and happy for all the people who work there.

Giving your staff 15 to 30 minutes at the end of each day for a quick tidy up is one option to consider. This will not only make the office clean for the next morning, but it will give your staff some time to wind-down after a days of hard work before heading home.


Instead of just making your staff clean their areas after a long days work, you can organise one day a month (or day of your choosing) and have a staff bonding day. Shut down the office at midday and invite your staff to come and spend time together as a team. You can use this day as an opportunity to get your staff to clean the office, but also add in fun team-bonding actives and a BBQ for lunch.

Not only will this get the office looking good, but it will give your staff a day to relax and have fun which will increase productivity when your staff return the next day refreshed and ready to work.


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Light at the end of the cleaning tunnel

Sometimes, the biggest cause of mess  is bad desk organisation. A badly organised desk with books, papers and folders laying around can not only make it harder for the staff member to find something fast when they need it, but it is also easy to lose and not notice pens and papers fall off the desk and accumulate on the floor with the other rubbish.


Having appropriate desk storage solutions will help move the clutter off the desk and place them in their own specific spots that can be easily recalled at a later time when needed. Most stationary stores will have storage solutions that will suit most peoples needs, wether it be a stack of drawers that fit on the desk, filing cabinets or wall units, clearing up your desk will not only decrease your clutter and mess, but also increase your daily productivity.


Sometimes all you need to help your staff keep a clean office space is a bit of competition.

Set up a friendly in-office challenge where you split the room up in to groups and you offer rewards and prizes for the group who has the cleanest office space at the end of the month. It may seem silly at first but people do like to compete with each other and if done right you could turn this in to a ongoing fun event for all to enjoy throughout the months.


Before hiring a cleaner, give these tips a try and see if they are a good fit for you and your business. It may just save you money and offer value to your business.

If all else fails then you might have to bite the bullet and find a cleaning company for the business. The overall benefit and value you will receive will outweigh the investment in a cleaning company.

If you need help with your office cleaning, contact us at Z & Z Cleaning (or your local equivalent) and ask them how they can help you brighten up your office space.