What is in My Detailing Tool Bag

What is in My Detailing Tool Bag

In a previous QuickTipTuesday post I talked about how the humble toolbag can be use for a variety of industries that you might not think about so in this post I will bring you into my world and show you what is in my detailing tool bag.

This is my “go to” setup for all my Bond and Builders clean contracts. It holds a variety of tools, some that I use regularly to get the property for future tenants.

what is in my tool bag


First and foremost are the vacuum attachments;

Nozzle bits of all different shape and sizes to help with the initial vacuum that is an essential step of any Bond or Builders Clean to get into all the nook and crannies that dirt and grime are attracted to.


Abrasive scourers are useful in many applications. They can be used on most surfaces and cut into dirt and grime that can’t be removed by less harsh cleaning cloths.


This tool is handy for the stubborn stains on hard surfaces. Using the pointy sharp edge is useful to get into smaller areas and can be used to gouge into and the flat edge helps get under silicone, putty or any other builders materials.


The razer blade, just like the scraper is useful to remove those stubborn dirt and grime, specifically on smooth and glass surfaces. It is especially useful to cleanup grout and cement on tiles and glass that is leftover from the building process.


These little brushes are incredibly handy for those smaller spaces like window and sliding door frames, countless nook and crannies and any space that is impossible to reach otherwise.


This one might be a bit left field but the trusty butter-knife has become a value tool in my arsenal.

It is strong and thin, so it fits into little gaps and the serrated blade comes in real handy when it comes to scraping away dirt and grime from hard to reach areas where other tools and scrapers won’t fit.


Every work site will always have trash and rubbish that needs cleaning up, these plastic bags are there to collect all the trash to help clean up on the site.


Paper towels are useful in many ways, whether it is to clean up spills, drying wet surfaces and to clean glass and mirrored surfaces.


Well that is what was my tool bag, what is in yours? What setup do  you use for your industry?

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What is in My Detailing Tool Bag

Maintenance Tool Bag Tips


The trusty toolbag – most think of this item as something mechanics or handymen use to store their tools, but a toolbag can be useful in many other industries as they come with convenient compartments and storage solutions and with the handle and shoulder strap it can be a easier mode of transportation then a briefcase or box.

I use a toolbag to store the smaller tools and utensils i use for my bond and detailing jobs. This helps me keep all the tools i need close to hand, and save return trips to the work van when the need arises to find a specific or odd tool.

So give it a go – whether you’re a computer tech, artist, or you have a job that requires you to be mobile then a toolbag may be a good solution to make your job just that little bit easier.



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