Reviewing the White Magic Grout Cleaning Brush

Reviewing the White Magic Grout Cleaning Brush

Cleaning grout lines can be annoying task to do around the home and the go-to tool is usually the humble used toothbrush – although this works fine, it can be time consuming process.

White Magic has come to rescue us with their double sided Grout Cleaning Brush.

It is a simple design, a wooden handle connected to a triangle shaped brush with one side wider then the other.


The brushes are firm but not too sharp and feel like they will last a long time. The White Magic Grout Cleaning Brush is also dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean, but I have found just washing them under flowing water is enough to keep it clean.

The question is, does it work?

I am happy to report that it does. I was quite surprised that the grime in the grout came out quite easily with just plain water with little to no effort – just a few scrubs is all it took.

For those harder and more stubborn stains you can use your favourite grout cleaning product to help clean the grout lines.

The White Magic Grout Cleaning Brush comes with a rope loop attached the handle, this lets you hang it away under the sink or in your chemicals cupboard.

Handy Tip: I suggest hanging the brush in the shower – this makes it easy to once a week reach for it when showering so you can easily scrub a few tiles to keep the shower clean.

The White Magic Grout Cleaning Brush can be found on their website or at TheGoodGuys.


Have you tried The White Magic Grout Cleaning Brush? What was your experience?

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